July 11, 2024

BPL Schedule

Below is the complete schedule of all the matches of BPL 2023 season 9.

DateTeam 1DetailTeam 2DetailVenueWinner
06-01-2023Chattogram Challengers80/9 20 oversSylhet Strikers90/2 oversSher-e-BanglaSylhet Sunrisers
06-01-2023Rangpur Riders176/5 20 oversComilla Victorians142 19.1 oversSher-e-BanglaRangpur Riders
07-01-2023 11:30Minister Group Dhaka117/4 19.1 oversKhulna Tigers113/8 20 oversSher-e-Bangla 11:30Minister Group Dhaka
07-01-2023 4:30Fortune Barishal194/7 20 oversSylhet Strikers196/4 19 oversSher-e-Bangla Sylhet Sunrisers
09-01-2023 11:30Comilla Victorians149/6 20 oversSylhet Strikers150/5 17.4Sher-e-Bangla Sylhet Strikers
09-01-2023 4:30Chattogram Challengers179/1 19.2 oversKhulna Tigers178/5 20 oversSher-e-Bangla Chattogram Challengers
10-01-2023Fortune Barishal162/4 19.2 oversRangpur Riders158/7 20 oversSher-e-Bangla Fortune Barishal
10-01-2023Minister Group Dhaka139 19.3 oversSylhet Strikers201/8 20 oversSher-e-Bangla Sylhet Strikers
13-01-2023Chattogram Challengers176/4 20 oversFortune Barishal202/7 20 oversSher-e-Bangla Fortune Barishal
13-01-2023Khulna Tigers130/10 19.4 oversRangpur Riders131/619.3 oversSher-e-Bangla Rangpur Riders
14-01-2023Comilla Victorians165/7 20 oversFortune Barishal177/6 20 oversSher-e-Bangla Fortune Barishal
14-01-2023Chattogram Challengers159/2 17.4 oversMinister Group Dhaka158/6 20 oversSher-e-Bangla Chattogram Challengers
16-01-2023Minister Group Dhaka128/7 20 oversSylhet Strikers134/5 19.2 oversSher-e-Bangla Sylhet Strikers
16-01-2023Chattogram Challengers135/8 20 oversComilla Victorians137/4 17.4 oversSher-e-Bangla Comilla Victorians
17-01-2023Khulna Tigers130/1 18.2 oversRangpur Riders129/10 20 oversSher-e-Bangla Khulna Tigers
17-01-2023Comilla Victorians134/5 19 oversSylhet Strikers133/7 20 oversSher-e-Bangla Comilla Victorians
19-01-2023Comilla Victorians184/4 20 oversMinister Group Dhaka151/4 Sher-e-Bangla Comilla Victorians
19-01-2023Fortune Barishal238/4Rangpur Riders171/9Sher-e-Bangla Fortune Barishal
20-01-2023Chattogram Challengers157/9 20 oversKhulna Tigers159/3 19.2 oversSher-e-Bangla Khulna Tigers
20-01-2023Minister Group Dhaka160/4Fortune Barishal173/5 20 oversSher-e-Bangla Fortune Barishal
23-01-2023Chattogram Challengers124 16.3 oversRangpur Riders179/6 20 oversSher-e-Bangla Rangpur Riders
23-01-2023Comilla Victorians164/6 20 oversMinister Group Dhaka104/9 20 oversSher-e-Bangla Rangpur Riders
24-01-2023Fortune Barishal171/8 20 oversSylhet Strikers173/5 20 oversSher-e-Bangla Sylhet Strikers
24-01-2023Minister Group Dhaka108 19.4 oversKhulna Tigers84 15.3 oversSher-e-Bangla Minister Group Dhaka
27-01-2023Rangpur Riders93/4 15.4 oversSylhet Strikers92/9 20 oversSher-e-Bangla Rangpur Riders
27-01-2023Chattogram Challengers168/6 20 oversFortune Barishal171/7 19.2 oversSher-e-Bangla Fortune Barishal
28-01-2023Comilla Victorians165/2 20 oversKhulna Tigers161/6 20 oversSher-e-BanglaFortune Barishal
28-01-2023Chattogram Challengers174/6 20 oversSylhet Strikers177/3 18 oversSher-e-BanglaFortune Barishal
30-01-2023Minister Group Dhaka144/5 20 oversRangpur Riders146/5 19 oversSher-e-BanglaRangpur Riders
30-01-2023Khulna Tigers161/9 20 oversSylhet Strikers192/4 20 oversSher-e-BanglaSylhet Strikers
31-01-2023Minister Group Dhaka157/5 18.5 oversFortune Barishal156/8 20 oversSher-e-BanglaFortune Barishal
31-01-2023Comilla Victorians213/3 18.2 oversKhulna Tigers210/2 20 oversSher-e-BanglaComilla Victorians
03-02-2023Fortune Barishal194/5 20 oversKhulna Tigers157/8 20 oversSher-e-BanglaFortune Barishal
03-02-2023Minister Group Dhaka130/8 20 oversRangpur Riders133/8 19.3 oversSher-e-BanglaRangpur Riders
04-02-2023Chattogram Challengers156/7 20 oversComilla Victorians157/4 overs 19Sher-e-BanglaComilla Victorians
04-02-2023Rangpur Riders176/2 18 oversSylhet Strikers170/2 overs 20Sher-e-BanglaComilla Victorians
07-02-2023Minister Group Dhaka103/9 20 oversChattogram Challengers118/8 overs 20Sher-e-BanglaChattogram Challengers
07-02-2023Comilla Victorians122/5 18.3 oversFortune Barishal121 19.1 oversSher-e-BanglaComilla Victorians
08-02-2023Khulna TigersSylhet Strikers
08-02-2023Chattogram ChallengersRangpur Riders
10-02-2023Comilla VictoriansRangpur Riders
10-02-2023Fortune BarishalKhulna Tigers

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